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Deliveries from the U.S. to San Juan del Sur | Air Transportation

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    Shipping from:
    8611 NW 72 Street, Suite 7, Doral, Florida 33166, USA
    Delivering to:
    San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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    Air Transportation

    Shipping by air is the fastest. You can expect to receive your packages in 7-10 days.
    Air shipments are scheduled every Tuesday. (*)

    Price: $7.50 per pound of weight for general items such as clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, backpacks, toys, household items, etc. Basically almost everything that is not electronic.

    Electronics: There is a 15% charge on the gross price of the item(s) as well as for the weight of any items that exceed $100.


    $ 7.50

    per pound of weight

    (*) Delivery times may be delayed for reasons beyond our control, e.g., issues with airlines, weather, etc.