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Here is the Correct Way to Label your Purchases | Brown Boxes

Brown Boxes Nicaragua Delivery from U.S. to San Juan del Sur

Quick guide to label your purchases correctly to be shipped from the United States to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

  1.  First put our Florida address and our contact phone number.
  2.  Then the name of our company and the shipping mode (Air or Sea).
  3.  And finally your full name.


8611 NW 72 Street, Suite 7, Suite 7, Doral, Florida. Zip Code 33166.
Phone +1-786-687-9611

Brown Boxes / Sea / Full Name

Shipping to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua from USA

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    Shipping from:
    8611 NW 72 Street, Suite 7, Doral, Florida 33166, USA
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    San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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