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How to ship to Nicaragua from the United States?

Brown Boxes Nicaragua Delivery from U.S. to San Juan del Sur

Quick guide to buy in online stores in the United States and Send your purchases easily to Nicaragua.


1. Find the best way to transport your goods to Nicaragua safely and on time.

Finding a reliable shipping provider is the crucial first step in shipping packages from the United States to Nicaragua.

At Brown Boxes we take all the precautions and take reference photos of your packages and we advise you on everything you need when making your purchases in online stores in the United States.

2. Correct preparation of the package

If you are in the city of Miami and want to send packages to help your loved ones in Nicaragua, you can leave the package at our offices in Miami with prior communication with us. Before sending your package, it is essential to ensure that it is properly packed and labeled. Use suitable packaging materials to protect the contents during transport. Be sure to include a clear label with the recipient’s address in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, as well as your contact information in case of any problems or queries.

To request more information about this service and our availability, write to our WhatsApp by clicking here.

In the event that your location is other cities in the United States, you can make purchases in the different online stores and place the shipping address of our warehouse in Miami, which we take care of delivering to the recipient in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua .

Brown Boxes Nicaragua Delivery from U.S. to San Juan del Sur

3. Items prohibited for shipment

When making international shipments, it is essential to comply with customs requirements, as well as to avoid sending products that will have export exclusion, such as: Fireworks, Weapons and their accessories, Liquor, Drone and/or accessories, Derivatives of narcotics, Cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and live animals and plants.

4. Follow-up and customer service

Once your package is on its way to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, it is important to regularly monitor its progress. Be sure to use the tracking services provided by online stores to monitor the status and location of your purchases. When your packages arrive at our warehouse in Miami, we notify you via email every time your package goes through the different shipping points.

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