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What are the restrictions to shipping to Nicaragua?

Shipping Restrictions

Due to legal issues and customs regulations, the shipment of the following items are prohibited:

🚫 Firearms or any variation.

🚫 Weapons accessories, pellets, etc.

🚫 Drones, drone accessories, drone spare parts.

🚫 Liquor, cigarettes, tobacco products, e-cigars, liquids for such devices or any accessories.

🚫 Any derivative of cannabis or other illegal substances under Nicaraguan law.

🚫 Home tests for COVID-19.

🚫 Military grade items such as vests, binoculars, equipment, among others.

🚫 Live animals and plants.

🚫 Money and lottery tickets.

🚫 Pharmaceutical products.

🚫 Ivory.

If any of these items are shipped, Brown Boxes is not responsible for the retention of the items and cannot contribute to the process of removing them from customs.

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