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Archive for July 4th, 2023

To which city in Nicaragua does Brown Boxes ship?

We ship from our address in Florida (8611 NW 72 ST, Suite 7, Doral, Florida 33166, USA) to your home in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

How we calculate shipping costs from the US to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua?

At Brown Boxes, we don’t believe in hidden fees or confusing calculations. We take the mystery out of shipping by charging by package weight only. No complicated calculations or hidden costs.

What is the correct way to label your purchases?

Our address in Florida, Brown Boxes (specify if it is by air or sea) and Your name. For example: 8611 NW 72 Street, Suite 7, Doral, Florida, 33166 / Brown Boxes Sea / Betzy Barboza. Beware: If you do not specify by Sea or Air then your package will be delivered by Air. In addition, […]

How much do your charge?

The actual weight of the package is charged when shipping. For the air service, we will charge you rounded weight, that is, if you weigh above 0.5 it is rounded to the upper pound, and if you weigh from 0.4 down, it is rounded to the lower pound. To see costs visit the Air and […]

When and how frequently are deliveries made?

The arrival time of the packages (specify bad days/times) can mean a delayed delivery of 1 to possibly 2 days. Maritime (sea) departures are on Fridays of each week, with air shipments are on Tuesdays of each week. Delivery times may be delayed for reasons beyond our control. Departures are Monday to Friday, but, at […]

What products are not permitted?

Due to legal issues and customs regulations, the shipment of the following items are prohibited: Firearms or any variation • Weapons accessories, pellets, etc • Drones, drone accessories, drone spare parts • Liquor, cigarettes, tobacco products, e-cigars, liquids for such devices or any accessories • Any derivative of cannabis or other illegal substances under Nicaraguan […]

How it works?

1) Click on the Sea and Air tabs for detailed information including costs. 2) Sign up with us by filling out our simple form, which should take less than 5 minutes. 3) Place your order on Amazon (or other retail stores, e.g., Zara, Sephora, etc.) as you would normally, but use our address (and phone […]

How is the payment?

Any payment for service must be made in Nicaragua, and you cannot cancel the shipment in the United States. It is expected that once the order is received in Nicaragua to purchase the weight, the status of the order, and the content to make the corresponding payment. We only accept cash payments made at our […]

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